02April 2013

Have You Shared Your Passion With Your Staff?

A lot of business managers and owners work long hours and are very passionate about what they do. Let's face it, in most cases they would earn a lot more money working for someone else but, their passion and drive get them to do what they do....

01April 2013

Three Ways To Get It All Wrong

A multinational software company with headquarters outside the US had an office in Los Angeles to manage its US operations. The US operations had been insolvent for the vast majority of 8 years and the company had won barely any market share during this time....

01April 2013

Crisis? What Crisis?

With the continuous assault of bad news by the mainstream media, I thought it might be useful to point out one way to stay on top of this “crisis” madness....

12March 2013

Are You Getting Things Done In A Proper Sequence?

In the 30 plus years I have spent as a management consultant, using only the training I received as a young man in the Hubbard Management System, I have stepped into a wide variety of companies of all shapes and sizes and in all parts of the world. And I continue to be amazed at how often I find things being done in an incorrect sequence....

12March 2013

What Am I Trying To Do?

Do you sometimes find yourself with so much on your plate (or so many distractions) that you need a quick way to focus?...

12March 2013

Wrong Solution? Maybe It's the Wrong Problem!

So your sales have been dwindling and you’re on your third sales manager and a couple of new salespeople and no matter how much you have pleaded and pressured or scolded and threatened, sales continues its frightening trend and lackluster range. You’ve racked your brains and worked your guts out and no matter what actions you have taken, sales just won’t turn back upward....

12March 2013

The Power of Positioning

My first car was a ’53 Chevy which a friend of mine unceremoniously totaled on New Year’s Eve a couple of weeks after my 16th birthday....