01February 2017

How Men's Shavers Engineered Word of Mouth

You have heard the story of how one friend tells another friend who tells five more friends and pretty soon you have an economic revolution. Product reputations are built this way. It does not really matter how much money you spend on promotion; what does matter is doing what it takes to get the BUZZ!...

25January 2017

The Basics of Marketing in the 21st Century: from Zero to Zillions

Who has millions or billions to spend on world-class communication? Turns out you won’t need that for your buck to make a massive bang....

17January 2017

How Does a LEGO Life-Size X-Wing Fighter Relate to the Ascent or Crash of Your Company?

Communication is a two-way trajectory. It means asking questions, listening, and acting where necessary on what you hear. And it isn’t just externally facing—i.e., you and your customers; it’s internal, management to manufacturing, marketing to sales, and so forth, throughout an entire company. L. Ron Hubbard gave the core definition of public relations in his article of 13 August 1970, “Liabilities of PR”:...

03January 2017

Catastrophe and Raw Survival in the Age of Unicorns

[UNICORN: A tech startup that reaches a $1 billion market value as determined by private or public investment. The term was originally coined by Aileen Lee, founder of Cowboy Ventures.1]...

26December 2016

How Facebook Changed the Face of Communications

Fan or not of Facebook, it can be readily argued that this social networking giant has become the champion communication medium of all time. Yes, there are other contemporary applications, like Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat; however, when it comes to sheer numbers, Facebook sits atop the clouds. It has expanded beyond its wildest dreams and seeks total world domination as Earth’s primary communication medium. Much like Amazon controls the world of online commerce, Facebook dominates the communication spectrum....

07December 2016

What Does Subaru Know about Making Your Marketing Dollars Work

What Does Subaru Know about Making Your Marketing Dollars Work?...

27November 2016

The Most Common Executive Failing: A Hidden Reason Good Employees Quit

A primary focus—and one of the most difficult tasks—of any executive is hiring and retaining competent and loyal employees....

24November 2016

Traits of a Good Public Relations Professional

How do you find a PR professional to whom the media will listen?How do you go about choosing a good PR professional or company? There are many businesses that...

14November 2016

How to Bring About a More Orderly and Productive Work Environment

Is your workplace in need of increased efficiency, productivity and prosperity? There are many vital tools that must be in use to make this happen, and one of those tools, believe it or not, lies in having a disciplined and orderly system. And what exactly do I mean by that? Let me give you an example to illustrate it clearly....

07November 2016

Anna Bissell—America’s First Female CEO and Why She Was a Sweeping Success

Who had it better—the turn-of-the-century executive or today’s tech-savvy managers? Without a doubt, the workplace of yesterday had its drawbacks—from working conditions to lack of technology, and of course the horse-and-buggy transport system was a bit slow. But then again, there were certain advantages to the lack of electronic interruptions generated by cell phones, text messages and e-mails (and rush hour just wasn’t much of a problem)....

05November 2016

How to Maximize Company Longevity Through Organization

In the previous article in this series, “Proper Organization Is the Fountain of Youth in Company Longevity,”we described how faulty organization contributed to the ultimate demise of Pan Am, the once monolithic giant of the skies. The airline’s reign lasted throughout most of the twentieth century; but after the retirement of its president Juan Trippe in 1968, internal mismanagement led to the company downsizing itself into bankruptcy in 1991....

14September 2016

Tips & Tools: A Tip Regarding Executives

Competent and loyal executives are solid gold to a business owner. The following is a vital tip you can use as an executive yourself—and with your junior executives—to help them create a more effective team....

14September 2016

Tips & Tools: Finish What You Start

Ever found yourself going off in all directions at once? Ever experienced what the Red Queen, of Alice in Wonderland fame, once said: “…it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!” Then you need to finish what you start....

30August 2016

Another Type of Marketing

Do you work hard to make your company stand out from the competition? Over the years you've probably been given several tools on the subject of marketing, but let's take a different look—some “DO NOT's” of marketing that maybe you've overlooked....

24August 2016

Have You Hired the Right Person?

You’ve got a great product or service to sell. You’ve identified your target audience and are creating a market niche for yourself. But, you can’t do everything yourself, so you begin to hire employees to help you. Following that stage, many entrepreneurs find themselves with their employees going through a revolving door and eventually determine that, although it means working 14 + hour days, it is better to do it all themselves. What happened? You probably didn’t hire the right people....

16August 2016

Staff Education In Business

My profession as a management consultant involves the education of business owners and their staff. Having been at this for 30 years, I wanted to pass on something I’ve learned along the way....