16June 2017

How Not to Burn Out in Sales!

So, you think you want to be a salespeep or you already are one and don’t know what to do with yourself? Salespeople often take a bad rap and it is so easy to burn out. There are promises galore of making the big bucks and cashing in. And then there are the realities of failed closes and going down the tubes. Salespeople live on the edge, on the very precipice of life, because they are empowered to move the goods, prime the pump, get the products out there. In doing so, they run the gamut and come up with all kinds of ways to “change” the system and make the big bucks. Salespeeps often make the big screen and are “celebrated” in the movies....

14June 2017

The Magic of Surveys: How Warby Parker Disrupted the Eyeglass Monopoly

In this David and Goliath story, David wears stylish, quality eyewear that he got for $95....

05June 2017

Copywriting & Communication: Cutting through the Chaos

In an oversaturated digital landscape, can you communicate with class and get the desired results?...

26May 2017

Financial Planning Tips Applied to a Megabit-per-Nanosecond Economy

The mantra “MAKE MONEY!”—central in our minds and nightmares; motivating millions to do work they don’t necessarily love, burning a candle at midnight and rising before dawn....

20May 2017

"Think Outside the Box!" Worn Out Buzzwords or Clarion Call for Sanity?

“Think Outside the Box!” Worn Out Buzzwords or Clarion Call for Sanity?...

15May 2017

Revitalizing Global Culture through 21st Century Commerce

There’s a direct line from sanity and ethics to organizational acumen and global revitalization....

05May 2017

Honesty Is the Best Policy: The Art of Hard Sell

If there is any professional that gets a hard time, it is the salesperson. From the character of Willy Loman in Arthur Miller’s classic play Death of a Salesman to the gulping realism in the definitive movie Glengarry Glen Ross, salespeople are oftentimes not portrayed in the best light. Yet selling is part of every business and nonbusiness activity. There are any number of definitions of the word sell. To sell simply means to persuade or induce someone to buy, or to win acceptance, approval or adoption. It derives from Old English, sellan, meaning “to give, offer,” and Greek, helein, “to take.”...

01May 2017

From Food Stamps to $19 Billion: The WhatsApp Story

Solvency and prosperity are not mysterious and nebulous accidents emerging from spontaneous explosions of primordial ooze. They are the results of hard work, production of a viable product and adherence to rock-solid basics....

25April 2017

Building the Better Burger: The Inside Story of Five Guys

When it comes to building a better burger, Five Guys has answers. Over the past twenty years, it has become one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains in the country. Founded in 1986, their objective, right from the beginning, was to build a better burger cooked to perfection on a grill, along with fresh-cut fries cooked in pure peanut oil....

19April 2017

Inc. 5000 Winners' Dynamics of Making People Work

Some have “team building” pigeon-holed as a company retreat with the scavenger hunt, the mine field, the egg drop, the trust fall and others....

11April 2017

Three Keys to Success: How to Make Your Engine Run!

In the world of commerce, there are three vital items to make the engine run—costing, pricing and selling. Determining your costs and then the price are the basic bits of profitability. You must address that bottom line and be viable. Most pricing, today, falls into one of two categories: value-based price/value-optimized pricing or cost-plus pricing....

06April 2017

Marketing Make or Break: Being Someone Else While Still Being You

Getting a new business going is a fishing trip through shark-infested waters. But if you can see the world as a shark sees it, you up your chances of making it to higher ground, and ultimate victory....

29March 2017

Bringing the Cyber-Tsunami in a Sea of Digital Noise

Our communication channels are oversaturated, and quite factually the minds of millions are utterly overloaded. How can your voice be heard with clarity amidst the steady drone?...

17March 2017

The Facts on Fake News—the Art and Anatomy of Lying

The buzzword right now—highjacked by all sides—is “fake news.” The phrase is being run through the political hyperbole machine with the power knob at maximum....

15March 2017

Motivate Your Team in 30 Minutes

What should you do when your team’s motivation suddenly drops? How do you revitalize your juniors with positive energy?...

01February 2017

From Space Stations to the Stars—Moving the World with Purpose

The poster for the film The Martian, based on Andy Weir’s novel, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon, reads “BRING HIM HOME.” The phrase drives the plot and prompts rival nations to cooperate. Like the moon landing of 1969, untold millions of people planetwide were captivated with a cohesive message....